About us

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Milperra Kyokushin trains in the Glory Gym at Milperra where it is outfitted with foam matting, punching bags, pads, weights and fitness/cardio equipment tailored to the development of martial arts practitioners.

The club is ran by IKO Branch Chief Shihan Con Kakatsos who has been training in the Kyokushin Karate style for over 50 years

Since it’s conception, the club has produced many full contact and non-contact champions

All classes are taught by our experienced Black belt instructors. All instructors have extensive full contact tournament experience and have passed the rigorous requirements of the IKO grading syllabus.

Kyokushin is the strongest karate and teaches skills that are practical for use in real life conflicts. The contact level is at the discretion of the participant and can range from light to heavy contact as required.

For more information, please contact Shihan Con Kakatsos on 0411 105 148