Why do Kyokushin Karate?

Because Kyokushin (also referred to as Kyokushinkai) karate is a martial art, it provides invaluable self-defence skills for your safety and protection, whilst improving your health, fitness and strength at the same time. We pay particular attention in helping you to develop or manage your:

  • physical fitness
  • fighting techniques and movements such as punching, kicking and blocking
    self confidence
  • peace of mind
  • stress relief, coping better with life’s hardships.
  • relaxation
  • discipline and self control
  • You will also develop greater concentration, reflexes, agility, flexibility, body coordination and balance.
  • Our black belt instructors and progressive karate students take their training seriously and are committed in the pursuit of excellence within themselves and fellow students
  • Karate training sessions is held weekly. More than ever before do we need to be alert and vigilant in protecting ourselves.
  • You will learn to punch, kick and block in a structured class environment. So come along and give it a go.